2 January 2020

Spanish Championship CEF 2019

Spanish Championship CEF 2019

The Club Víctor Fernández has hosted from December 27th to the 30th the last stop of the 2019 Spanish Championship CEF.

It has been a success in participation and organization. The municipality of El Ejido (Almería) is consolidated as one of the most important destinations for windsurfing in Spain with the consistency of the west and east winds.

33 competitors from all over Spain, of which 14 have been local athletes.

Two local riders of the Club Víctor Fernández have managed to be in the podium. The current female Spanish Champion Regina Villegas, with the first place at the only slalom race during the 4 days. The organizer of the event, Víctor Fernández (three-time PWA Wave World Champion), has taken the third place in Slalom, a discipline that is not his speciality.

Víctor Fernández: “I am very happy with my third place in slalom which is not my main discipline. The level has been very strong and I love to compete at home in conditions of Levante since I know them very well with my local knowledge. We are very happy to have the last Spanish tour stop of 2019 in Almerimar and to get an important result for the Spanish ranking in all categories. Finally, I want to thank the sponsors, the competitors and the team behind the event. Besides, I want to give the importance that the Spanish tour deserves having so many good athletes in our country. ”

The Spanish Funboard Tour has closed its season here in El Ejido after the other